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Bathroom Renovations

Give your old bathroom a new look. Our plumbing team will come in and freshen up your bathroom, everything from installing new pipes, putting fittings in place, and installing sanitaryware. 

Kitchen Renovations

Does your kitchen renovation need a new sink, taps, mixers, water outlets, or appliances installed? – Look no further, we’ve got you! 

Geyser Replacements

Replacement of burst, rusted, or leaking geysers. If your geyser is more than 12 years old it may be worth replacing the whole geyser instead of just the element, which will save you in the long-run.


Overflowing Geysers

Is your geyser leaking or is your water luke-warm? Your geyser might be in need of a service or repair. Our plumbers will inform you what the problem is and will determine whether your geyser is malfunctioning or if a component is under warranty or not.

Dishwasher Installations

We can help you with creating a water supply as well as installation for your new dishwasher. 

Washing Machine Installations

Need help installing your machine or need a new water supply? Our team is happy to sort it out for you.

Blocked Drains

A blocked drain can cause a major problem if not sorted out quickly and is the most common problem we are contacted on our 24/7 emergency line for – +27832974447. Let us clear and sort out your blockages immediately. 

Leaking Taps

Stop that leaking or dripping tap. A win, win with saving on your water bills and helping the environment. This is a must with the current Cape Town water crisis.  

Sanitaryware Replacements

We can help you with replacing your old sanitaryware with something new. Including toilets, urinals, baths, showers, washbasins, sinks, bidets, anything you need. 

Shower Repairs

Are you currently having issues with your shower? We can sort out your low water pressure issues, dripping shower hoses, and waterproofing issues.

Leaking pipes

Give us a call we will fix your burst pipes or leaking pipes in no time. Contact us on our 24/7 emergency line – +27832794447 

Certificates of Compliance

We will make sure all your plumbing meets the regulations and we will issue you a certificate of compliance.
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